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Catering to girls from Kindy to year 6, Everygirl is a foundational gathering from which our young girls are built up and encouraged in God. The Everygirl Gathering consists of a full programme including creative electives, connect groups, worship and so much more. These early encounters set our primary school girls up for life!

Meanwhile, the Little Ones in your life have their own gathering! Little Ones is open to both girls and boys between 3-5 years old (toilet trained only) A far cry from a babysitting club, Little Ones is a full programme that ministers to these young children in a manner that is age appropriate and fun for them.


Stacie Lagreca

Everygirl + Little Ones Host

Stacie along with her husband Nick LaGreca are the Kids and Families Pastors at C3 Oxford falls. They are parents to two beautiful kids, Carter and Briley. Stacie is passionate about families being raised in the house of God and believes in the power of Everygirl to transform your little girls personal relationships with God in a real, practical and powerful way.