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Amanda Antclif is on the pastoral team at C3 Oxford Falls, a lecturer at C3 College and together with her husband Pat, they oversee C3 East Africa.

Amanda is also a personal coach, author, instructional designer, trainer and speaker in both church and business spheres. You can read about what she does on her personal website or business website


In over eighty churches across the continent of Africa, in countries as diverse as South Africa, Uganda, Kenya and Egypt, the C3 women meet to worship God and to fellowship with one another. Women gather together in church buildings, homes, under mango trees, in thatched huts, along roads or around cooking pots. The women of Africa love God and they love to praise. With colourful dress, joyful ululation and distinctive dancing they worship God with devoted and thankful hearts.

C3 Africa first began in northern Uganda, in the land of Joseph Kony and the LRA. Many of the women in this region have experienced the atrocities of war and the grief of losing loved ones. Their life is rugged but their faith is strong. It was in Kitgum, Uganda, that Ps Chris Pringle and a team of Australians first teamed up with Ps Catherine Livingstone and birthed Everywoman Africa. Over the last 5 years a number of Everywoman events have been run and women have been ministered to. Last year, the local women held an event in Kitgum Matidi which saw hundreds of women travel from all over the region. They caught buses, hitched rides, bicycled, or walked for many kilometres to come to this wonderful celebration.

A highlight of our work in Uganda, has been partnering with Alice Aachan who heads up the not-for-profit organization, Christian Counselling Fellowship and the Pader Girls’ Academy. Alice began this work to help young mothers who arrived back from the war traumatised, broken both physically and spiritually. For the past 10 years Alice and her organization have brought hope and practical support to hundreds of girls firstly by reuniting families separated by war, and more recently by focusing on restoring and training the young mothers. C3 Australian women have given generously to support the building of a guest house and to sponsor the education of some of these women. Alice continues to initiate new projects throughout Uganda. For more information on Christian Counselling Fellowship Pader click here. For information on Gifts for War Brides click here.

Throughout the region we have extraordinary female pastors managing their homes, raising families, running businesses, working in jobs, leading churches and serving their Lord. They are a group of dedicated women whose passion for God and the women they lead is inspiring. It is my honour and privilege to work beside them as we build the people and the churches God has entrusted into our hands. The future is bright!

Amanda Antclif




Danielle has lived on the Sunshine Coast since 1993, when she moved there and became part of an exciting new church plant.

She fell in love with a handsome young businessman, John Pearce, married him and together they now have 3 children - Jackson, Mitchell & Jemma. Danielle has completed a Bachelor of Applied Science in Nursing and a postgraduate diploma in Midwifery.

John & Danielle became Senior Ministers of C3 Church Kawana Waters in 2000 and C3 Church’s Australian National Directors in 2012. Her passions are family, church and seeing people experience the freedom and fullness of life that God intends for them. She considers herself a blessed woman - with an incredible God, an amazing husband, 3 gorgeous children, and an awesome church. Her hobbies include the beach, jet skiing, baking, holidaying with family, and anything competitive with friends!


C3 Australia is in a great place! Our Area Directors met earlier this year and let me tell you, there is such strength, excitement and love in our women leaders!

We have 12 regions within Australia and fantastic things are happening across the country. I am so excited about what God is doing amongst us – raising up women leaders, activating people into their calling, mobilising his army of women to be all that God wants them to be.

We are seeing diverse gatherings of women of all ages at conferences, special events and in small groups. Let me highlight some of the things that are happening with just a few of our champion leaders:

Carolyn Carrello, Senior Minister of C3 Rockingham, WA, hosts an annual Everywoman conference – this year seeing over 250 people at their “Brave Conference”. Carolyn has a beautiful heart to see women equipped and empowered to live life the way God planned for them.

Deb White, Senior Minister of C3 Monash, ACT, has hosted Vicki Simpson and Janine Kubala for her Everywoman Nights for women of all ages and is starting a Women’s 24 in May. She also brings a large contingent of women to Sydney for the Everywoman Conference each year.

Katrina Humble, Senior Minister of C3 Port Macquarie, NSW, has started a community project called Reap. This is a food rescue program which has rescued 7507kgs worth of food, helped create 25,000 meals and saved charities in Greater Port Macquarie nearly $125,000. It is a brilliant initiative which is benefiting people in need in their local community.

Nicola Gibb is an emerging voice empowering evangelists across our movement.  She is the National Evangelist for Christians Against Poverty (CAP) and has a wonderful passion for reaching the lost. She has spoken in many of our C3 churches and her passion is contagious!

Anna Giles, Senior Minister of C3 Cairns, QLD, has an annual C3 Everywoman gathering for the Far North Queensland C3 churches who gather their beautiful women together for an island getaway, a perfect opportunity to connect those living in isolated communities.

Vicki Simpson is an incredible prophetic voice who has a passion to raise up women to help find their voice. She is a popular speaker at churches, conferences and women’s events and is much-loved everywhere she goes. Empowering!

Janine Kubala continues to minister as a healing evangelist in a powerful yet beautiful way. Her testimony of healing and salvation touches and inspires. She has a beautiful heart and brings love and encouragement to everyone she meets.

Julie Williams, Senior Minister of C3 Adelaide Hills, SA, will be running their 15th Everywoman Conference this year! This is a gathering of South Australian women who are hungry to grow closer to God and connect with each other.

I love seeing the unique gifts within our women being utilised to serve, minister and lead the women of our churches and communities. I feel so privileged to work alongside all of our women in seeing our churches built and the Kingdom of God advanced. 

Much love
Danielle xx




Valerie, who hails from New York, has spent the last twenty years creating high impact communications campaigns and revenue streams for clients that range from prestigious cultural organizations to global lifestyle brands.

She worked for several of the city’s top public relations firms before heading up an in-house communications division for Toth Brand Imaging.

Valerie founded Brand Building Communications in January 2007 in NYC and launched her LA office in 2008. In addition to pioneering a WOM practice, she created a community-based news platform, 24Savvy. She is currently a Board Member of charity:water– an influential non-profit providing water for communities throughout the world.

Valerie is a very gifted communicator and writer. She is a great inspiration to women, particularly in the business world - she gets it. Valerie has been a member of C3 Manhattan for the last 9 years, in this time she has been vitally involved in church life: in Pathfinders, as a connect group leader and discipler of women. She loves people, big cities and London.


As a young girl growing up in America I was enamored by European culture. America felt bland by comparison. The mysteries and exotic allure of this ancient “old” world held my imagination, and at 21 I went to Paris for two weeks (I didn’t know anyone or speak the language) to discover the “continent.” Everything in me wanted to make it home. Though I was intent on coming back, I never imagined that I would return in this capacity – married to a pastor/church leader and overseer of the C3 Europe region for the C3 movement. I had other things in mind. I might marry royalty, live in a splendid little apartment on the Left Bank, maybe summer in Provence.

It’s cool how God intervenes to disrupt our best-laid plans…I’m on a different kind of adventure now, one that I never expected – whisked out of New York City where I run a PR business (still do) to the never-ending metropolis of London to co-run a church and oversee Europe with my husband Simon McIntyre. And it's the very best kind of adventure. Want to know what part I love most? I get to do it with some pretty amazing women. C3 Europe rocks! Literally. What a privilege to be in the company of women that are as gutsy as they come, beautiful, courageous women—all of them. People keep saying Europe is dead spiritually, no way, not when we're here! I love these women, each one of them. We’re a movement of risk takers, the entrepreneurs of the Christian world. I’ve run a business for years and there are so many similarities. The biggest one: faith. If you want to do something that you’ve never done before, it’s definitely wise to step out with some faith in your back pocket. Our women definitely have this, however wonderful some days, however imperfect on other days. It’s the perseverance that counts.

There are too many wonderful things happening in this region to mention them all, but here are a few highlights. Watch this page because there are many more to come!

Lizby Warren took the ultimate step of faith to leave her home in England and assume co-leadership of the movement’s C3 Amsterdam church in The Netherlands, with her husband Steve. This year they’ve put a major stake in the ground; purchasing a building for their church, which is currently being refurbished to the hilt.

Marianne Moehr and her husband Theirry have broken through the 750-member mark at C3 Lausanne, Switzerland. What seemed impossible in their culture is happening, a real miracle of faith and perseverance – a true church revival. Their vision for their city is happening!

Martina Schwartzkopft and her husband Manfred are celebrating their 10-year anniversary in Hanau, Germany. They own a great building and are currently acquiring more space because their church is growing! It was back at the Singapore C3 Global conference that Martina knew they should plant a church – and look what they’ve done in only a decade!

Jen Gilpin, who launched Hope City Church in Sheffield, England, over 20+ years ago and has 10 church plants under their banner, has recently joined the movement with her husband Dave. Jen runs a fantastic women’s conference and notably has developed a highly respected collection of homes to protect battered and trafficked women called City Hearts. Such a blessing to have her in the family!

C3 Europe women are involved in planting churches across the continent in countries that include The Netherlands with Nicola de Vreugd, Finland with Katia Leinonen, Switzerland with Sara Spalinger and in Norway with Helen Meyers. More to come!




Ps. Fiona is funny, loveable, and extremely compelling. Ps. Fiona Rush is passionate about seeing people walk an intimate, life transforming faith with Jesus Christ.

Fiona has a huge heart for seeing women reach their potential in God and seeing them set free from their past and living in the purpose God intended for them. Fiona works full time as a Sales & Marketing Manager, is the mother of two boys, and with her husband Dean Rush leads C3 Pacific, C3 South East Asia and C3 Auckland.


We may be literally at the ends of the earth but we are staunch supporters of the everywoman mission to see women loving Jesus and fruitful in the House of God. We have been running an annual Everywoman conference for the last nine years and it has been more than exciting to be a part of what Ps Chris and Ps Bernie have dreamed together.

We have a bunch of stunning, capable and inspiring women in our region who pastor in our C3 churches. They run local events and connect groups and gather their girls each year for our conference. We stand together - we laugh, we cry, we pray and minister and it is a beautiful thing.

Over the years we have seen God do amazing works. Women have given their lives to Christ, been miraculously delivered and healed, babies have been conceived in faith (not literally at the conference may I add!), and prophectic words have encouraged, inspired and comforted. Year on year our conference grows and our churches throughout the region continue to increase and thrive.

This year our conference theme is “The Art Joy” and I believe that women will be set free from worry and depression. My hope is that we would relearn the art of biblical joy and from there we would spread it around in our families and communities.

I feel more commissioned than ever to keep watch over our beautiful C3 girls. The enemy would have us silenced and sidelined but we will not allow that. We will continue to gather together, we will pray together, we will worship together...And we will be strengthened in faith, hope and love as we do so.

Go the Girls and Big Hugs!!!
Fiona and the C3 NZ/Women Pastors




Sue is Senior Minister together with her husband Richard at C3 Church Carlingford in Sydney, Australia.

Richard and Sue also oversee C3 South Asia.  Sue is Mum to 3 gorgeous children and runs her own Conference Business –


Let the Future Begin…

Missions work has always been high on my agenda since becoming a Christian in 1984.

I joined C3 Lane Cove (Christian City Church North Shore) in 1986 when I was still involved in Sydney YWAM. After spending a year in Hong Kong (1988); I returned to Australia with a new vigour for church and how we could ignite the mission focus of our church. I also returned to marry the Music Director!

I was asked to become the Chairman of the Mission Board at Lane Cove church and we began supporting missions work particularly in India, China and Eastern Europe. As a church we ‘tithed’ to missions and so our focus and interest began to enlarge.

My dream was to see short term mission teams from church, heading into nations whereby it affected those we were reaching but also empowered our church with a greater heart and vision for the lost.

As a Senior Pastor, business owner, wife and mother of three, it is wonderful when I see my own children, our young people in church and our women and men head off to minister to others. This has truly been a fulfilment of my hearts’ desire all those years ago…

Everywoman South Asia began in April 2005 where a team of 8 women headed to Pune, India to minister to the women in C3 Pune (Bible Fellowship Centre). This began an annual event, whereby we have now seen more than 40 conferences in the nations of India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and this year Nepal touched by our teams. Churches from Australia have come alongside to minister with us, including C3 Oxford Falls, C3 Joondalup, C3 Beachway, C3 Scarborough “Be The Church”, C3 Burwood and C3 Thirroul.

In 10 years we have stretched our teams and ministered in 4 countries and multiple cities:  India - Pune, Vadagosheri, Wagoli, Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Secunderabad, Visakhapatnam, Siliguri, Darjeeling, Dimapur, Udaipur, Solapur; Nepal – Kathmandu (2014); Bangladesh – Dhaka; Sri Lanka – Kandy.

These women have sacrificed and continue to sacrifice their time, their annual holidays, their money and their personal comfort to at times ‘trek’ to share the gospel. It is not for the faint hearted. However it has enriched our women, blossomed their gifts, enlarged their vision and affected individuals, churches, orphanages, schools, communities and families in these nations.

As a result we have had countless salvations, miraculous healings, deliverances, seen the conferences duplicated by Indian churches to villages, ministered in orphanages, schools, the starting of new ministries and come alongside many other projects to help affect these cities and nations for Jesus Christ.

Consistency, time and effort are required to build. We have only just begun…it has been a privilege to be part of this world wide vision for women... Everywoman needs to hear the message that Jesus loves them and died for them. 

Susan Botta




Leanne Matthesius along with her husband Jurgen are the senior pastors of C3 Church San Diego, a thriving church in southern California.

Leanne is a mother to 3 sons and 1 beautiful daughter and has been in full time ministry for over 14 years.

Leanne’s ministry style is wonderfully feminine, and refreshingly humourous. She moves powerfully in the anointing seeing many released and set free from the bondage and limitations keeping them from becoming all that God has designed them to be.

Leanne uses personal stories and testimonies to connect with people on a very real level. Her prophetic insight and practical down to earth ministry style will ensure her audience is refreshed, equipped and empowered to take on all that life has to offer.


I have been so blessed in my lifetime to be the recipient of such incredible role models. My life was changed when I stepped through the doors of a C3 church almost 18 years ago...what was broken and dead in my life was restored and brought back to life! 

I am a believer that the right kind of role model in the right kind of church has the power to alter someone's destiny forever! God is looking for women who will take up the call and become their "sister’s keeper" and do whatever it takes to model Jesus to a world that is desperate to be shown the right pathway in life. To whom much is given, much is required, and Jesus commands those who have freely received to freely give!

What a privilege it is to be able to serve the women of America!

America is such a magnificent place! Built on a dream and a desire for freedom it's still a nation that epitomizes liberation and a land where anything is possible! In the U.S. during World War 2 the image of Rosie the riveter became a famous icon as women stepped up to lend a hand while their men were at war.

Something shifted in the heart of the women in this country during that era. No longer were women confined to a one dimensional stereotype, but they began to enlarge the place of their tent and become builders and contributors to the world outside their own family unit. In this expansion we have seen the greatness, capacity and potential that lay on the inside of every woman come forth in a feminine but powerful way.

Today we are seeing incredible ground broken by women in many cities across America. 

C3 Las Vegas led by the vivacious and beautiful Mayra Rodriguez is one such ministry that is having a huge impact as the women step forward. The Latino community in Las Vegas had long been steeped in religious tradition and was not truly expressing what we all know the Latinos to be…full of life, joy and colour! Ps Mayra and her team have bought the life, colour and purpose back to the women of Las Vegas. With her passion, humour, warmth and authenticity she is embracing the women of her community with the message of salvation and purpose! I was recently at a women's event she led and was so impressed by her leadership; she is relaxed, fun and refreshing but still maintains a beautiful spirit of excellence that is a true expression of the greatness of our God.

The lovely Keira Smallcombe who is less than 2 years into a church plant in Silicon Valley is making such a difference through her sweet yet powerful generationally inclusive women's movement. Women of all ages are welcomed, inspired and released into their calling through Keira's broad and secure leadership. She has managed in a short time to create an environment where women feel valued, empowered and commissioned. Watch this space because Keira is a true mover and shaker in the C3 movement...I heard her minister recently and was blown away by her maturity and the bigness of her spirit! 

In San Diego we are seeing women's lives changed on a daily basis through consistent discipleship and a releasing and empowering to do something in their lifetime for the expansion of Gods Kingdom. The fruit has been astounding and is a true testament to the fact that every woman is pregnant with potential and we are each called to be spiritual midwives to help Her bring forth what God has called her to carry to this earth. 

So so many great things happening over here...but finally I must give a HUGE shout out to one of our favourite people pastor Jill Sweetman. Jill has made it so easy to serve and build in the US. You would be hard pressed to find a more honourable and noble woman on the earth today. She is a true hero and champion and has been such a godly example and blessing to me and to so many other pastors in the Americas. We are excited to see her step into the new season God has for her and pastor Dean. They are loved beyond measure by all the pastors in our country and we know they will continue to bring wisdom strength and encouragement to all they serve alongside. 

Love Leanne Matthesius


Lorne and Kelly moved their family from a small town in Saskatchewan in August 1995 to plant and establish a church on Calgary’s west side.

That was 19 yrs ago. We weren’t too sure what to do but we did what we knew. We love our city, the presence of God, the word of God and we love the house of God.

C3 Calgary is full of fun loving, ordinary, interesting people from all ages, size & shape who gather regularly to remind ourselves that GOD is good and life is worth living well. We are a multi-generational, spirit filled, outward focused, rowdy bunch. Yes, we love being together and we are as happy as we look. The best is yet to come.


I admit …… I’m in love with my country and now, unashamed to say it! Truthfully this has been a journey and I’m grateful that God intersected us a few years ago when we became a part of the C3 family! You usually don’t know what God is up to but something is happening when all of a sudden, at the Calgary Stampede, tears start running down my cheeks when the Canada flag passes by while you are singing the anthem. 

Lorne and I lead C3 Calgary West where we continue to push out the borders for Jesus! We are in our 7th year of finally seeing 7 acres come to completion. We are always excited for the adventure ahead….


Patti Fletcher and her husband Graham are co-senior ministers of C3 Church, in the downtown of Vancouver, BC.

“The contextual change of our church from an essentially young adults congregation to young marrieds with infants! Our young adults getting married and having babies (this year we will have 6 new born babies).

We are excited at the biological growth of the church and the development of 'community'! Our theme for 2014 is 'True Communion’!”

Ps Kim and David Olson of C3 Revelstoke and C3 Kelowna.

"My husband Dave and I have been pastoring for over 30 years.  For 10 years we have been doing this under the covering of C3.  We live part time in REVELSTOKE BC, the mountain paradise of western Canada. The rest of the time in Kelowna BC, walking distance to the beach and world famous for its great Okanagan wines. 

Both churches have a passion to see the unchurched and previously church find God, and from that discovery find who they really are when they partner with God and His greater purpose for their lives.  We have 7 adult children and 7 grand babies. Our desire is to journey life with others.  Seeing small decision produce big results. Living each moment for a cause bigger than this moment. Choosing to believe our future is greater than our memories!"


Nell Vandewark has co-pastored alongside her husband, Rick for 33 years and lead C3 Edmonton, AB. She is the mother of 6 natural born children which has now grown to 10, as 3 are married and one will be married in November 2014. And proud grandmother of 4 lovely little girls.

Nell is fun-loving and passionate about Jesus and the church. She is a prayer warrior with a prophetic edge. She loves a good book, gardening and cooking recipes from around the world. Preaches when asked and serves wherever she can.

“The highlight for EW this year was Refresh. Our women's conference held in March, with over 100 ladies attending. We have also had great success with monthly gatherings covering book themes. A great way to bring ladies together, foster relationships, develop ourselves, all with great attendance.”

Angelica Fehr pastors C3 Saskatoon alongside her husband/favorite person, Brock, and is a mother to her other favorite person/baby girl- Zayne. She also owns two gift shops and spends her days pushing Zayne's stroller from business meetings to church coffee dates. Some of her talents include writing emails while feeding a baby and making boxed cake mix taste (almost) like home-made. Angelica can be lured almost anywhere with french macarons.

“My highlight for the year is obviously having Zayne enter my world on March 8th! Other highlights would be our baptism service in February & celebrating our 2 year anniversary as a church!”

Born & raised in Sydney, Australia Jess, Sam and Baby Noah Picken now live the city life, in downtown Toronto (AKA T-Dot). Jess & her husband moved to Canada in 2008 and are now the lead pastors of C3 Toronto. This huge leap of faith in church planting has been both exciting and stretching. The church has grown rapidly, new friendships have started and the unfolding of this story is nothing short of miraculous. However, Jess’ favourite thing to do is shower her baby boy Noah with kisses (Cheesy but true). 

“We launched C3 Toronto just 18 months ago and what an incredible time it has been. We have seen salvations, baptisms, hearts inspired, visions ignited, wounds healed and friendships formed. We also launched our Everywoman vision this year and have had 2 great events so far. Obviously the top highlight for me though was the birth of my beautiful baby boy Noah on Christmas Day 2013”