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Guarding the Outposts

We may be literally at the ends of the earth but we are staunch supporters of the everywoman mission to see women loving Jesus and fruitful in the House of God. We have been running an annual Everywoman conference for the last nine years and it has been more than exciting to be a part of what Ps Chris and Ps Bernie have dreamed together.

We have a bunch of stunning, capable and inspiring women in our region who pastor in our C3 churches. They run local events and connect groups and gather their girls each year for our conference. We stand together - we laugh, we cry, we pray and minister and it is a beautiful thing.

Over the years we have seen God do amazing works. Women have given their lives to Christ, been miraculously delivered and healed, babies have been conceived in faith (not literally at the conference may I add!), and prophectic words have encouraged, inspired and comforted. Year on year our conference grows and our churches throughout the region continue to increase and thrive.

This year our conference theme is “The Art Joy” and I believe that women will be set free from worry and depression. My hope is that we would relearn the art of biblical joy and from there we would spread it around in our families and communities.

I feel more commissioned than ever to keep watch over our beautiful C3 girls. The enemy would have us silenced and sidelined but we will not allow that. We will continue to gather together, we will pray together, we will worship together...And we will be strengthened in faith, hope and love as we do so.

Go the Girls and Big Hugs!!!
Fiona and the C3 NZ/Women Pastors


As 2014 comes to a close and the Christmas crazy is upon us, I reflect on my favourite splash of inspiration from the hilarious and prophetic Vicki Simpson on the opening night of Everywoman NZ Conference ‘Art of Joy,’  “Joy is an art form and God is the artist!”

‘Art of Joy’ was certainly colourful; there was pink, lots of it, white furniture, wisps of gold, perfumed candles and beauty treats all framed by the heart felt connection of the Kiwi Tribe.

Opening night was loud as UNDEFEATED, the NZ Hip Hop champs stormed the stage with dance and the stunning Linda Bax brought Heaven to earth with her incredible voice as she led us in a celebration of praise.

Saturday brimmed with surprises; the fire brigade arrived at the start of the morning session for a false alarm and we viewed a marriage proposal on video. EverywomanNZ was on fire with passion and joy. There was a sense that something extraordinary was going to happen over the weekend that would be long lasting.  “It is time for the girls to claim back joy in the midst of our hectic lives” was the declaration from Ps Fiona Rush.

As we worshipped and were inspired through the day, The Master Painter left an indelible stroke of a sense of wonder, elation and triumph as we discovered together that JOY is the key to life. The conference came to a close with giant balloons floating over the heads of the exuberant worshipping women as revelation came that joy is our strength! 

What will I carry into the future? Don’t wait for joy to find you. When we practice the ‘Art of Joy’ we are celebrating His nature, that God is for us, He is on our side. He is the abiding atmosphere of Heaven and “In His presence there is fullness of joy.” Psalm 16:11

Karen Scott

Everywoman Team C3 Auckland


About Fiona

Ps. Fiona is funny, loveable, and extremely compelling. Ps. Fiona Rush is passionate about seeing people walk an intimate, life transforming faith with Jesus Christ. Fiona has a huge heart for seeing women reach their potential in God and seeing them set free from their past and living in the purpose God intended for them. Fiona works full time as a Sales & Marketing Manager, is the mother of two boys, and with her husband Dean Rush leads C3 Pacific, C3 South East Asia and C3 Auckland.