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Let the Future Begin…

Missions work has always been high on my agenda since becoming a Christian in 1984.

I joined C3 Lane Cove (Christian City Church North Shore) in 1986 when I was still involved in Sydney YWAM.  After spending a year in Hong Kong (1988); I returned to Australia with a new vigour for church and how we could ignite the mission focus of our church.  I also returned to marry the Music Director!
I was asked to become the Chairman of the Mission Board at Lane Cove church and we began supporting missions work particularly in India, China and Eastern Europe.  As a church we ‘tithed’ to missions and so our focus and interest began to enlarge.

My dream was to see short term mission teams from church, heading into nations whereby it affected those we were reaching but also empowered our church with a greater heart and vision for the lost.

As a Senior Pastor, business owner, wife and mother of three, it is wonderful when I see my own children, our young people in church and our women and men head off to minister to others.  This has truly been a fulfilment of my hearts’ desire all those years ago…

Everywoman South Asia began in April 2005 where a team of 8 women headed to Pune, India to minister to the women in C3 Pune (Bible Fellowship Centre).  This began an annual event, whereby we have now seen more than 40 conferences in the nations of India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and this year Nepal touched by our teams.  Churches from Australia have come alongside to minister with us, including C3 Oxford Falls, C3 Joondalup, C3 Beachway, C3 Scarborough “Be The Church”, C3 Burwood and C3 Thirroul.

In 10 years we have stretched our teams and ministered in 4 countries and multiple cities:  India - Pune, Vadagosheri, Wagoli, Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Secunderabad, Visakhapatnam, Siliguri, Darjeeling, Dimapur, Udaipur, Solapur; Nepal – Kathmandu (2014); Bangladesh – Dhaka; Sri Lanka – Kandy.

These women have sacrificed and continue to sacrifice their time, their annual holidays, their money and their personal comfort to at times ‘trek’ to share the gospel.  It is not for the faint hearted.
However it has enriched our women, blossomed their gifts, enlarged their vision and affected individuals, churches, orphanages, schools, communities and families in these nations.
As a result we have had countless salvations, miraculous healings, deliverances, seen the conferences duplicated by Indian churches to villages, ministered in orphanages, schools, the starting of new ministries and come alongside many other projects to help affect these cities and nations for Jesus Christ.

Consistency, time and effort are required to build.  

We have only just begun…it has been a privilege to be part of this world wide vision for women…

Everywoman needs to hear the message that Jesus loves them and died for them.


Susan Botta

About Sue

Sue is Senior Minister together with her husband Richard at C3 Church Carlingford in Sydney, Australia. Richard and Sue also oversee C3 South Asia.  Sue is Mum to 3 gorgeous children and runs her own Conference Business –